Strab 2016

Strab 2016

Here is a brand new original track that we played for all our friends at Strab 2016, hope you like:

Track: Blues Again

From as early as 2007 ( if I remember correctly) I’ve been hearing about this festival called STRAB and how amazing it is and what not. With people playing the “my dog is bigger than your dog” game, I’ve learned to take things with a pinch of Himalayan Salt, so when I was asked to play STRAB 2016 I knew that this was my chance to go see whatever fuss is about.

On arrival (after driving through the night on almost no sleep) on the Thursday morning, it was raining… Bleh… Setting up camp in the rain is not for sissies. But people were really helpful and we were setup in no time.

img_3210-1.jpgWe then headed straight for the action. Acoustic stage was on the go, rain and all, with people undercover and R&R’s flowing strong!
The vibe was good from the get go, people enjoying the music with each other while the Indian Ocean forms the backdrop for the bar/stage area.
Into the night it went and the action moved over to the main stage. The vibe just got bigger!

The next day, the sun came up and dried up the landy wandy, and there it was, what everyone had been talking about all these years… Paradise. Crystal clear sea waters, pristine beaches, beach bars, and a music festival that cooks!

It was everything that people explained it to be and more! People just get along, and enjoy the obvious. The stage setup was good, with great sound and crew alike, not only front of house, but stage sound was fantastic as well.

2 days came and went faster than a 14 hundred “Bakkie” in the daspoort tunnel, and it was my slot next on the Saturday evening.
What a fantastic show to top off what felt like a holiday that I happened to be performing on!

I big heads up to all the people under the hood of Strab, making it run like the well oiled machine it is!!

I couldn’t recommend going to this festival any more, JUST DO IT!

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