Royal Park Live – Netherlands

Royal Park Live – Netherlands

Apart from a longish flight, watching way too many movies and sleeping way too little, we arrive in Amsterdam and drive to Den Dolder. We head to the venue. The drive on route is so picturesque it almost feels fake it’s so beautiful there this time of year.

The palace is absolutely amazing, ringing history and heritage so loud you can taste it! The stage is set in the Royal Gardens (I’ve played in worse places) with the usual food and drink stalls surrounding the seated and standing areas.

Sound check is quick and painless, which is always welcomed, and we wait now in the dressing rooms, filled with all sorts of temptations from Belgium beer to chocolates, until showtime.(it’s tough, I know) The opening act is great, a bunch of seasoned musicians hitting the nail on the head song after song, with huge helpings of nostalgia.

Royal Park 2016

Royal Park 2016

The show kicks off with a bang, and the band jumps straight into the deep end with some serious rock vibes ala Queen style, and Joseph Clark sets the standard high from the get go. Second song in and I can hear the crowd in their thousands singing, through my in-ears monitors and stage monitors and over the blaring P.A system, I knew the people were in for ride, and a ride it was! 2.5 hours straight of Queen classic after classic, you’d think that the audience would have enough by now, but with 2 encores and play offs, they didn’t want to let us go!!


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20th July 2016

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