Joseph Clark | The Music of Queen

Joseph Clark | The Music of Queen

This show opened a lot of doors for me. Being just 22 when I first started working with Joseph, I soon realised what a mammoth performer he was! I learned a whole lot from him and the show about showmanship, theater and all round musicianship.

To date this is also the show with the biggest audience i’ve played for, which was for 35000 people in the Gelredome in Holland.

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  1. anton swart

    Hi Joseph

    Just would like to know where you are performing. Can you please give me some venues. I would like to see you performing “Queen” again. I saw yu at the Dolosfees Richardsbay, but I think would be so much better at a better venue with sound and lights.


    • nathan

      Hi there!

      Our next Queen work is overseas, i’d have to keep you posted for our next SA work.

      Joseph has a website that he usually updates. You’re also welcome to like my Nathan Smith Facebook page, i usually put upcoming gigs on there.



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